NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card unveiled for $249 The RTX 3050 is NVIDIA’s latest low-cost graphics card, offering specs with a $249 price tag. After much speculation, NVIDIA unveiled its high-end graphics card, the RTX 3050, at CES 2022, which could be the company’s winner over AMD’s ubiquitous graphics cards. […]

How does sleep affect weight loss? Adequate sleep can balance the hormones of satiety and hunger and also help with weight loss. Lack of adequate sleep will disrupt these hormones. Does sleep affect weight loss? This question is very important; Especially if you are looking for diet and exercise to […]

When did the Antarctic become a continent? The Antarctic is a frozen land today; But at one time the continent was not isolated from other lands and had different climatic conditions. Antarctica, the fifth largest continent on Earth, is often known for breaking penguins and huge ice rigs and unsuccessful […]

Humans aren’t at the top of the food chain? Humans kill predators at the top of the food pyramid; So are they at the top of the food chain as superheroes? In this article of Nethep online magazine we are reviewing this fact in details. Lions, gray wolves and large […]

WhatsApp hides the last visit from anonymous people by default WhatsApp hides people online and their last visit from anonymous users by default. WhatsApp Messenger has recently taken a different approach to user privacy and introduced a new mechanism for the “last visit” feature. In the past, this feature was […]

Be sure to read if you have Coronavirus stress There are some worrying rumors about coronavirus that only cause stress in people, if you have Coronavirus stress, be sure to read this article. Coronary stress and rumors that you should not take seriously Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) was first detected in […]

Health Benefits of Apples Did you know that a medium apple is made of fiber that has about 4 grams of fiber? And that the proverb (“Eat an apple a day, to stay away from the doctor.”) Is very suitable for apples. In this part of the question, we want […]

Benefits of daily consumption of vegetables Daily consumption of vegetables guarantees a person’s health. Consumption of vegetables prevents chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity. The amount of vegetables needed by the body according to the food guidance pyramid is generally 200 grams per day, which is […]